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Better roots, gives Better Fruits

Mogal Agro Technologies | 03 Feb, 2021

Plants, like humans, need water and nutrients to survive. On the ground, it is easy to see the growth of plants. Plant roots absorb soil nutrients. They then reach the branches of the tree. From there it spreads to plants and plants begin to grow. This eventually leads to flowers and fruits. That is why healthy roots are important. What happens inside the ground? The roots are the lowest part of the plant. These are used to remove water and nutrients from the soil. Especially white roots do this. After germination, the plant begins to form roots. Plants invest the most energy in these roots. First, the main root grows. These roots go deep into the soil and begin to absor..

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MAT POT/PAPERPOT | An effective alternative

Mogal Agro Technologies | 29 Jan, 2021

We are seeing modern changes taking place in the nursery field. Many nurseries are getting better and better yields using various modern technologies. In the 21st century, India has revolutionized the field of agriculture by adopting modern machinery and various methods. Nurseries which play an important role in agriculture are also becoming Hi-tech. Nurseries are giving priority to making good quality and healthy seedlings.  Many types of nurseries such as leafy vegetable nurseries, fruit tree nurseries; flower nurseries are producing healthy and high-quality seedlings using modern methods and machinery. Due to modern machinery, less time and more work are being d..

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वापराल पेपरपॉट तर वाढेल धरणीमातेचा थाट!

Mogal Agro Technologies | 21 Oct, 2020

नमस्कार शेतकरी मित्रांनो,       तुम्हाला माहिती आहे का?   कोरोनाच्या काळात जगामध्ये विविध उद्योगधंदे व व्यवसाय यांच्यामुळे होणाऱ्या कार्बन डायॉक्साईड वायूच्या उत्सर्जनाचे प्रमाण हे १७% ने कमी झाले आहे. अशी माहिती National Geographic ने त्यांच्या संकेतस्थळाव..

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असतील बळकट मुळे तर येतील उत्कृष्ट फळे!

Mogal Agro Technologies | 21 Oct, 2020

असतील बळकट मुळे तर येतील उत्कृष्ट फळे!     मानवांप्रमाणेच झाडांनाही जगण्यासाठी पाणी आणि पौष्टिक पदार्थांची आवश्यकता असते. जमिनीच्या वर आपल्याला वनस्पतींचा होणारा विकास पाहणे सोपे आहे. वनस्पतींची मुळे मातीतील पोषकद्रव्ये शोषून घेतात. त्यानंतर ते झा..

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