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Automatic Nursery Tray Seeding Machine (ASM500)

The Automatic Nursery Tray Seeding Machine is India’s first Automatic Nursery Tray Seeding mac

MATPOT Machine

Mogal Agro Technologies is the only one manufacturer of MAT POT Machine in India. It’s our lat

Tray Filling Machine

In nurseries, coco pith filling is a very time-consuming task. For this problem, the Coco pith Filli

Full Seedling Line Machine

Automatic Nursery Full Seeding Line is a fully automatic machine. It gives you a more reliable proce

Media Mixer

The growing substrate in containerized nurseries supplies water, oxygen, mineral nutrients, and phys

Cocopith Covering Machine

It allows covering the seeds evenly. It can dispense cocopeat, vermiculite and perlite and similar t

Irrigation Boom

The irrigation Boom system consists of one or more pipes containing nozzles that apply water as the

Monorail for Material Handling

The monorail system is effective because it moves material throughout a facility without taking up f

Material Handling System

Material Handling System helps many processes in the industry. Proper planning of material handling

Loading Unloading Machine

Our high quality built and smart engineering design of Loading and Unloading machine can load or unl

Battery Loader

Mogal Agro Technologies developed Battery operated Loader especially for Nurseries for material hand


We Are Driven By A Vision To Continuously Innovate The Future Of Farm Production By Offering Advanced Agriculture Equipment’s Through A Portfolio Of Global Brands

We provide exclusive agriculture implements in farming industry to revolutionize the traditional farming ways

Best Quality

We are consistently delivering the best quality products since years. Pre-defined quality norms, well-documentation processes for manufacturing agriculture implements deliver results that match customers’ expectations consistently.

Best Manufacturing Unit

We offer advanced end to end farm mechanization solutions that caters to the customized needs of the farmers. With the robust manufacturing facility unit, we are raising the bar on excellence in quality and quantity every year.

Generation Next Products

We believe in discovering modern tools for agriculture. We maintain a strong foothold in the field of mechanization of agriculture equipment’s with various product range and our team of expert’s keeps eye on developments required to suit future market demands.

State-of-the Art R&D

We have advanced R&D facilities that help providing cutting-edge and innovative technology solutions to farmers across the country. We ensure that every step right from production to shipping is carried out effectively.

Skilled Expertise

We are circled with highly trained experts having the knowledge of Agriculture equipment’s and its applications in the farming industry. With our deep rooted knowledge, we produce and deliver farm implements adhering to the highest quality standards.

24/7 Service

We believe in maintaining a strong relationship with our Clients. To encourage consistency in sales and support, we continuously organize engagement programs for our network partners for support, sales, and product promotions.


Mogal Agro Technologies design and produce exceptionally high-quality equipment’s since 2008.

  • 'Agritech Award 2019' by CM of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis and Cabinet Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari, received by company's V.P. Mr. Aditya Mogal
  • Receiving award 'Young Agri Entrepreneur 2018' with EX CM of Maharashtra Mr. Ashok Chauhan
  • Built Trust & Strong Relationship with valuable Dealers and Distributors


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