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Better roots, gives Better Fruits

Mogal Agro Technologies | 03 Feb, 2021

Plants, like humans, need water and nutrients to survive. On the ground, it is easy to see the growth of plants. Plant roots absorb soil nutrients. They then reach the branches of the tree. From there it spreads to plants and plants begin to grow. This eventually leads to flowers and fruits. That is why healthy roots are important.

What happens inside the ground? The roots are the lowest part of the plant. These are used to remove water and nutrients from the soil. Especially white roots do this. After germination, the plant begins to form roots. Plants invest the most energy in these roots. First, the main root grows. These roots go deep into the soil and begin to absorb nutrients. Then the lateral roots are formed. Since roots are the basic basis of plants, it is important to emphasize their stimulation as much as possible.

White roots are healthy roots and they have the most lateral roots. Irrigation has a major impact on root development. Excess water is harmful to the roots and they are more susceptible to fungi. It spreads quickly in humid climates. As a result, the leaves of the plant die, and the roots turn brown. And stunts the growth of the plant.

Therefore, it is important to water the roots properly and drain the water. The need for air is just as important for root growth. By cultivating the soil around the roots of the plants, they get the required amount of air.

Given the importance of roots as a whole, the function of roots is paramount for plant growth. This requires proper care of the roots when the seedlings are small.
We can give them all the things that are useful to the roots through the modern solution called Paperpot. Given the benefits of MAT POT / Paperpot, many nurseries today are seeing a huge demand for it.

Since MAT POT / Paperpot is paper, it also decomposes quickly. Also, there is an abundant supply of vital elements like air and water required for the growth of white roots, as the MAT POT / Paperpot structure is porous and does not store excess water in it and thus maintains good root health. Moreover, they get enough air because of this structure.

For the same reason, the proportion of white roots in MAT POT / Paperpot is also high. As the number of white roots increases, the seedlings look healthy and uniform. Due to many such benefits, MAT POT / Paperpot is popular among farmers as well as nursery operators. By choosing MAT POT / Paperpot you can also contribute to the conservation of the environment as well as increase the yield of your farm and plant.


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