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MAT POT/PAPERPOT | An effective alternative

Mogal Agro Technologies | 29 Jan, 2021

We are seeing modern changes taking place in the nursery field. Many nurseries are getting better and better yields using various modern technologies. In the 21st century, India has revolutionized the field of agriculture by adopting modern machinery and various methods.

Nurseries which play an important role in agriculture are also becoming Hi-tech. Nurseries are giving priority to making good quality and healthy seedlings. 

Many types of nurseries such as leafy vegetable nurseries, fruit tree nurseries; flower nurseries are producing healthy and high-quality seedlings using modern methods and machinery. Due to modern machinery, less time and more work are being done by the laborers. without relying on the time of the laborers. 

All nursery operators and farmer friends, although we are making progress due to modernity, our first duty is to take care of our environment while using modernity. You can use MAT POT as a permanent solution. 

MAT POT will not only benefit the environment, but it will also bring you many benefits from production to sales. You can see the benefits of MAT POT in the information given below.

An important advantage of using MAT POT is that they meet the air required for the roots of the plants. As a result, the growth of plant roots is faster and healthier, and white roots are most common.

Due to a high number of white roots, seedlings grow faster after planting and help them to get maximum nutrition. 

MAT POT avoids Root Coiling means that the roots of the seedlings do not form a round shape in one place.

MAT POT makes it easy to plant seedlings and then does not have to collect any kind of plastic waste.

Crop planting speed increases by 40%.

The use of MAT POT does not cause any damage to other plants and makes it convenient for planting.

Since MAT POT is paper, it decomposes easily after some time.

The uniformity is seen in the plants.

MAT POT saves your money and time from production to sale.

Increasing production capacity leads to economic benefits. 

Friends, let's use this effective and beneficial MAT POT to help protect the environment by enjoying the benefits.


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